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Tree Treatments for Powdery Mildew

The best thing to do is to trim the infected foliage. This will help prevent the disease from spreading to healthy branches and further degrading the host tree. You can spray the foliage with a systemic insecticide depending on its size, which includes myclobutanil and prosthane.

Prevention of powdery mildew

You should not allow irrigation systems to spray overhead onto trees. Make sure trees are properly trimmed in autumn and winter. The most severe symptoms of powdery Mildew tree illness will be seen on the branches closest to irrigation systems. Again, overhead irrigation is essential and proper trimming is important.

Arlington trained Arborist

Irving Tree Service & Stump Grinding professionals can help with powdery mildew. A positive treatment is microinjections or vigor. This involves deep root feeding and fungicide in late winter/early spring. If the plant is not suffering from drought, this treatment is highly recommended. Warm wet climates are favorable for the growth of spores. Irving tree doctors can help you with your trees. It is recommended to trim infected branches when the temperature drops.

To keep your trees happy and healthy, you should hire an Irving-licensed arborist to monitor the water levels and compare climate conditions. Vigor tree injections are also recommended. These will keep your trees and plantation shrubs healthy throughout the year. For a free consultation, contact us today!

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