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Dutch Elm Disease Treatment Irving TX

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Dutch Elm Disease Treatment Irving TX

Dutch elm tree disease is one of most notorious, widespread wilt diseases in America. It infects trees in Irving and nearby cities. Over the past decades, this deadly disease has rapidly increased in Dallas, Flower Mound, Arlington, Lufkin, Waco, and other areas. American elm trees have a high risk of becoming infected. Arbor care professionals believe this is because the American Elm tree thrives in these areas.

A tree company that is experienced in dealing with this deadly disease will be well-versed due to its rapid spread. Dutch elm illness attacks the tree’s cells and stops the healthy flow of nutrients and water from roots to trunk and branches. Finally, the leaves are affected by the disease. Dutch elm diseases spread quickly through the tree limbs, branches, and leaves. The young branches become curled and hook-like within a matter of weeks.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Dutch Elm Disease

An arborist certified in diagnosing this serious disease is able to quickly identify it. An Irving Tree Service & Stump Grinding company that is experienced in diagnosing Dutch elm diseases will be able to confirm the existence of disease-transmitting bark mites and visible signs such as dead trees. The presence of irregular streaks beneath the bark is a strong indicator that the disease is present and can be confirmed by tree service technicians after the bark has been removed. A professional plant pathologist can perform laboratory testing in order to verify that Dutch elm is confirmed. Irving Tree Service & Stump Grinding professionals are fully-qualified and able to perform all necessary testing in order to accurately diagnose the disease, and to determine the best approach to eliminating it.

Dutch Elm Tree Disease - How to properly treat it

Dutch elm is a disease that spreads quickly and can be hostile. However, it can be managed if it is dealt with early. Combining and enacting multiple forms of tree prevention and tree removal will make it easier to control and eliminate this tree threat. The first step to preventing Dutch elm diseases spreading to other trees in your community is to identify, remove, and then destroy dying trees. Irving Arborists will create a maintenance program that addresses your particular situation. This will eliminate Dutch Elm Disease and prevent it from returning. Chemical treatments and insecticides are excellent ways to eradicate this disease. They can be used by tree injections or spray. Large trees must receive full spray coverage. Regular maintenance programs are also required to prevent the infection from returning. Don’t delay in calling Irving Tree Service & Stump Grinding professionals to get their expertise and help you plan the right course of action.

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